Why did Loon Luxe not do Black Friday?

Hello Looner friends!

We wanted to give you a detailed summary of why we didn't make any Black Friday deals this year. In short, we've got some huge plans lined up and some great deals coming soon!

[1] Unfortunately, the shipping situation in the UK is difficult at best, and impossible at worst; our national courier Royal Mail are suffering huge difficulties with worker's pay and rights, and member of the CWU are therefore striking on key dates across the festive season, this included the "Black Friday" / "Cyber Monday" weekend". For us to even facilitate a Black Friday event for you, as customers and looner friends would be unfair, it would be difficult to promise shipping times and dates, and well as be super bad for the workers of Royal Mail, to which we are supremely grateful for their hard work.

[2] The economic crisis worldwide is tightening your budgets and ability to find our custom; for you as the customer to find the spare cash during this time can be very difficult, so when an event such as Black Friday comes along, where you can find a great deal on the items and products, which some of you also rely upon, it's likely you'll want to prioritise whom you spend your money with. We decided that your money is best spent elsewhere, and you'll find good deals on other shops and outlets. This includes our friends with other looner stores and looner channels.

[3] We also lead professional lives; outside of Loon Luxe, Mr & Mrs Loon Luxe, and all our occasional helpers here at Loon Luxe also lead professional careers, and the festive season is also a key business period for them and their career development. It would be difficult and unfair to promote any deals for which we would be able to find the spare time to pack and dispatch orders. A black Friday event would undoubtedly increase our workload and decrease our capacity as a store.

[4] We have some great plans and deals lined up for 2023. Loon Luxe has a new range coming out in the very near future and we are making preparations for our new stock to hit the store into the new year. This will also come with some great deals and savings for larger orders. Considering all the points mentioned above, we'll be able to really offer something spectacular, and we're super excited for you to get your hand and lips on all our new balloons.

For now, sit and pop tight - make sure you're following us on all our channels, and you'll be the first to know when our new balloons and deals arrive, and look out for our sale happening soon!

We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support!
Lots of looner love,

Loon Luxe! <3