Right-To-Return Policy

Sadly, this is not possible. Balloons are manufactured with a once-used material and as such, we cannot accept returns of balloons, which have previously been inflated or have burst. All of the balloons that we sell have an "Acceptable Failure Rate" (AFR). Of all the brands that well sell, the AFR is approx 5%; that is to say, that if you have 100 balloons, 5% of those said balloon are expected to burst during the inflation process to their stated size. Should we sell balloons, which have a higher AFR, we will explicitly indicate this in the product description.

We take care of your balloons from the moment we receive them from our manufacturers, through our warehouse storage, and when we package them to be sent to you. At every stage, we examine the balloons for damage / faults. We never willingly sell damaged or faulty products and only sell our products on good faith that they will be as awesome as you expect them to be. Where the case occurs that you may have products of our that may be faulty, please contact us where we will endeavour to resolve our problem.


We have a hassle-free, 14-day right-to-return policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Loon Luxe order, please contact us to make arrangements, remember to include your order number and detailed explanation of you reasons why you need to return you order.

Loon Luxe does not offer any kind of exchanges, only returns for orders purchased directly on our website, and within 14 days of delivery to your location. Unfortunately, we are unable to process a return for products not purchased directly on our website. 

It can take up to 5 business days for a refund to process, be sure to check your email account once we have confirmed a refund has been processed.


What counts as a right-to-return returnable item;

  • Balloons and items purchased from our store, intact and unused. 
  • Balloons and items purchased from our store, damaged in transit to your location.
  • Balloons with manufacturing defects such as holes (but not blisters)
  • Items that are intrinsically broken and do not function.
  • Whole unopened deliveries.  


What counts as a non-returnable item;

  • Balloons with blisters. These are somewhat common and vary from manufacturer. These (In general) do not degrade the structural integrity of the balloon and are covered by our AFR policy.
  • Direct exchanges for used balloons and other items. 
  • Knowingly sabotaged or damaged shipments.
  • Knowingly held shipments the lead to mail fraud.