Who are your shipping agencies?

We use Royal Mail / Parcel Force for standard shipping and DHL for our Express and On-Time shipping. Both of our shipping agencies provide real-time tracking so that you can be assured that your balloons are on their way! (This service is not available for Standard Domestic shipping).

Where is my order notification?

Once you’ve placed an order with us you’ll receive an email to the address provided. If you did you not receive an email, please check your spam / junk folder and double-check you entered your email address correctly. If you still haven’t received one after 36 hours, please contact us where we’ll be able to advise you further.

Do you accept returns?

Sadly, this is not possible. Balloons are manufactured with a once-used material and as such, we cannot accept returns of balloons, which have previously been inflated or have burst. All of the balloons that we sell have an "Acceptable Failure Rate" (AFR). Of all the brands that well sell, the AFR is approx 5%; that is to say, that if you have 100 balloons, 5% of those said balloon are expected to burst during the inflation process to their stated size. Should we sell balloons, which have a higher AFR, we will explicitly indicate this in the product description.
We take care of your balloons from the moment we receive them from our manufacturers, through our warehouse storage, and when we package them to be sent to you. At every stage, we examine the balloons for damage / faults. We never willingly sell damaged or faulty products and only sell our products on good faith that they will be as awesome as you expect them to be. Where the case occurs that you may have products of our that may be faulty, please contact us where we will endeavour to resolve our problem.


How do I contact you?

Due to the on-going COVID-19 outbreak, our phone lines are currently closed, however, you’re welcome to contact us by email, you can reach out via our contact us page. Our Customer Service Team are working as hard to respond to everyone as quickly as possible, but we are currently experiencing a delay in getting back to everyone due to the rise in requests in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please be patient with us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
for everything else, come and say hello at hello@loon.luxe


What freebies (free products) will you include in my order?

We almost always invariably include free stuff when we compile orders. this could range between anything from stickers, free balloons, and corporate testers (Free stuff from our suppliers)! Our marketing plans are a closely guarded secret, and as such we cannot guarantee if or what you will receive when you order from us. In addition to this, we may choose not to include any free products, because your package will require customs clearance, or receive special treatment where additional items may complicate, exacerbate, or stop the free passage of your purchase (this may include, but is not limited to; maximum shipping weights).
All "free" and "give-away" products are exempt from the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (UK).


But my question has not been answered! Can I ask you a question?

YES! We are updating our Frequently Asked Questions er... frequently! But if if you question has not been asked by someone else yet, we have three main ways that you can contact us. You can choose the easiest way for you;